Giorno: 6 ottobre 2016

10 anni senza la giornalista Anna Politkovskaja, il ricordo di Efj Nadezda Azhgikhina (IN INGLESE)

di Nadezda Azhgikhina* Anna Politkovskaya was not the first journalist killed in Russia after the end of USSR. For the day of her assassination in Moscow October 7, 2006, death list of Glasnost Defense Foundation consisted from 211 names. We, organizers of memorial meeting in Moscow central Pushkin Square, have been reading those names in a loud voice, and it took us 40 minutes, what stroke all attending Russian and International journalists. Anyway, Anna Politkovskaya became the first Russian journalist, whose killing became International news and initiated, after many years, new interest to Russia and Russian media. Dozens of International conferences, films, books, debates and articles made at iconic image of courage, dedication to profession and human rights for hundreds of  colleagues...

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